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1982 J/24 sailboat for sale. Hull #3205. Located in Naples Florida (SW FL), soon to be out of the water and back on the trailer. New PVC toe rails installed last spring as well as a couple soft spots on deck repaired. All new running rigging and most of the deck hardware replaced last summer. This boat comes with a ton of extras (see below). Renovated and bottom totally redone from Oct. 2020 to June 2021. Asking $4750 including the trailer and outboard motor.

9 sails in good condition. 4 foresails, 3 mains and 2 spinnakers.
Two masts, one normal one and one designed to be stepped on the deck with a section that supports it below deck as well as the hardware and custom parts to make the process easier.
Two booms
Two sets of stays
Spinnaker pole
A custom aluminum gin pole for stepping the big mast
5HP Nissan Engine
PVC replacement slide guides for the companionway hatch (not installed)
3 extra stanchions
Installed a new depth finder last year (needed for Florida)
New electrical and house battery
Removed the sink and water tank, but kept them for class races. Easy to replace.
New Fire extinguisher
VHS and a large VHS antenna (in case you want it).
Lots of parts, pins, clips and other stuff I forgot about.
*Needs a new forward hatch, it works but does not lock.

Christian IMG_8166.jpgIMG_8207.jpgIMG_8958.jpgIMG_8959.jpgIMG_8960.jpgIMG_8961.jpgIMG_8965.jpgIMG_8966.jpgIMG_8968.jpgIMG_8969.jpgIMG_8970.jpgIMG_8971.jpgIMG_8973.jpg


I just noticed that I posted $4,750 as the price. I meant to post $3,750 OBO as asking price on this forum. It's on the trailer now and bottom still looks good. Had someone cleaning it every month.


Hi, Amy bad points? Thanks
Hi Tom, yes, there are a couple. When we pulled the mast using the gin pole this past Thursday, my inexperienced daughter was on the winch pulling the mast up while 3 of us were guiding the mast and the block at the top of the gin pole got snagged and she kept on the winch and the block at the base of the mast ripped out by the screws. Not a big fix, luckily we figured out a way to pull it successfully. Also the port side cabinet is missing the aft side wall because I had to fix a stanchion that had collapsed and taking the "wall" out was the only way to get good access. I have the old pieces so it would just be a matter of tracing the old pieces onto new wood and screwing it in. I haven't had a chance to clean the deck yet, but it's a little dirty. Bottom looks good (I paid Hull to Prop $60/mo to dive on the hull). I'll attach a picture from yesterday of it on the trailer.

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