Super sunfish

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I acquired a small sailboat and would like to sell/give it away. My concern is that the hull is clearly a Mini fish II and the rigging is for a Super fish...I know they work together, as several of my siblings have used the boat over the last 15 years, but as I make it available for sale, should I do it as a complete sailboat or 2 separate things? Would it have been sold this way or did someone (my Dad possibly) pair these? The local sailing club looked at it, but due the Superfish rigging , wasn't interested. Thanks for any insight offered!
This is an interesting mix. I have seen plenty of super Sunfish, but never a mini fish. I find it interesting, I'm sure someone else will too.
Where are you located? I just aquired a minifish 2 (cat rigged) but its missing the lower mast... thinking about finding a super sunfish lower (or entire mast) but wasn't sure if the dimensions were the same... does it look like your minifish required any deck mods to take the superfish mast?