Super Sunfish Sail, Mast & Boom Wanted

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I have a sail (actually a Formula S). It is red/white/blue. This was the rig first developed for the Sunfish to compete with the Laser. When AMF/Alcort starting making the boat they called it the Super Sunfish. The only difference is my sail sleeves on like the Laser. I am asking $150 for the sail. I can send photos if you respond to cjo1023 at yahoo dot com. The sail is located in Rhode Island but I will ship for shipping costs. I have the mast and boom as well for my boat which I can measure for you.
I have a regular sunfish sail and spars - are teh super sunfish ones larger, or is the boat itself just slightly larger?

If you want more info/photo, let me know! $175 for sail (great cond!) and spars and lines.

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Thx to Sailcrafti for the email...reviewing pix and doing some more reading up on the Super rig.

Yes, the super sunfish rig (bermuda rig, like a laser) is different than the "standard" Sunfish rig (lateen rig). The Super Sunfish sail is larger. The boat length/beam is the same as the regular Sunfish.

found some pix online if you'd like to see them at
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