Super sunfish rigging?

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I have an old 'fish with both the standard sail setup and a super sunfish setup (sail, mast, boom etc...). I don't however have any clue how the super sunfish rig all goes together! I know there used to be a diagram of the rigging setup buried somewhere on the old sunfish message board, but I gather they were forced to move or shut it down because they were getting a fierce amount of rather distasteful spam there. Does anyone here know where I might be able to find either that diagram or something similar to help me set this rig up?
Thanks in advance...

The sunfish_sailor yahoo group (you have to join, but it is free) has some stuff in the message section on super sunfish set up posted by "wirenut". He happens to be a member of this forum also, so maybe you can sent him a message and have him e-mail a copy of the SSF instructions. Good Luck
Yahoo group sunfish_sailor Message 401 will refer you to the files section for wirenut's (Tom V.) Super Sunfish Rigging instructions (Sunfish Manuals). Down loadable in MS Word format. Its a scanned picture of the manual, but readable.
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Thank you John. Thank you very much for thie info.
I'll head over to the group now and sign-up. You're a life saver! For someone used to the terribly simple Sunfish setup, the SS rig was looking daunting...
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I joined and got the files. Thanks again John; this should be all I need... famous last words probably, but I'll certainly try!
There are lots of other great goodies in here too. I really appreciate the help.