Super Sunfish Rig

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Complete SuperSunfish Rig for Sale

Blue Splash Rail with Cunningham and Outhaul cleats installed
Cockpit mounted Traveler Assembly
Two piece Mast plus Boom
Sail in very good condition
All original blocks and hardware

The rig is from a 1977 boat so it has the halyard raised main.
Everything you need but a hull, rudder and centerboard.

$400 (O.B.O.) plus shipping charges

C.P. Burks
dinghyone at att dot net

I'm interested in buying your Super Sunfish rig. I would like to know what the length of the longest part of the mast is so I can determine the shipping cost.

Thank you,
I did my own legwork and I found out that the longest piece of the Super Sunfish rig is over 10 feet long. Because of that the shipping would be an arm and a leg. So I'm going to pass on that one. Thanks anyway.
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