Super Snark Daggerboard Trunk


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I recently picked up an old Super Snark in pretty decent shape; just needs a few cracks in the ABS hull coating repaired. Is it normal that there is no ABS plastic coating inside the daggerboard trunk (the slot into which the daggerboard is inserted)? It seems like an easy entry point for water. I'm working to repair a few small cracks in the hull, but I might be wasting my time if the daggerboard trunk is wide open to the foam (I suspect a good amount of water gets in there even when the daggerboard is in place). Is the foam inside the same foam as the original all-foam Sea Snark and thus OK to get wet (as long as you dry it out between uses)? Either way, I might decide to not patch one or two of the small cracks above the water line (maybe on top of the transom) so that there is a way for the water to get out between uses. Advice would be appreciated.


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