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Super Porpoise sail, rudder, center board, poles

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Price $
Fort wayne
It’s all for “sail

im probably not the first idiot to make that joke.

make fair offers. I want it gone.


beldar boathead

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If they don’t sell here, they might find a buyer on eBay. You don’t want to sell the booms or mast (nautical terms for poles) if they require shipping as cost for shipping is very high.

Alan S. Glos

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Search the Sunfish Forum archives for the "Wanted" section a I (vaguely) recall that there were some posts seeking Super Porpoise parts and maybe you will find a buyerfor all of your parts and gear. The hull with the extensive mast hole damage may be a lost cause, but the other parts and hardware should net some money if you can find a buyer and work out the logistics. It is actually a well made boat (I have owned two of them back in the day) and they sail well. I loved the true self-bailing cockpit feature.

Alan Glos
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I agree with Alan: Porpoise made good boats.

Oops... :oops: As seen in other pictures, the Super Porpoise has a bow handle larger than a Sunfish bow handle. (The standard Porpoise/Porpoise II use the Sunfish bow handle). If that's the case, I'm "in" only for the sail.

eBay is a good place to sell Porpoise parts, but be careful with the bidding process. I had to sell an item for $1 to keep my good eBay sales reputation. :confused:
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