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Super Porpoise replacement rudder


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We just bought a Super Porpoise that is in great condition, it’s been stored since 1986! My question is where to get replacement rudders or center boards? I don’t need one now but when I was a kid I lost a couple rudders(we used to turtle the boat on purpose and slide down the hull). Any ideas on where to get replacements or how to make them?


If you still have one, I'd do everything you can to NOT lose the rudder then. The wood part would be easy enough to remake, but the rudder has a lead weight in it and I'm not sure how you'd replicate that. Maybe with a piece of steel?


As a fellow Super Porpoise owner, I did some research and not only is it difficult to find information about them, but spare parts are rare. If you need spares your left to look for someone that has stuff they are willing to sell. This is a good place to ask. Good sailing.


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My Porpoise had a Sunfish rudder replacement/upgrade. :)

The previous owner had attached the standard Sunfish pintle to a wood block, and attached the wood block to the transom. (Perhaps not in that order!) :confused:

Accordingly, a replacement Sunfish rudder was clipped onto the pintels (plate).

While not as strong as the factory Sunfish attachment, it lasted many years. :)