Super Porpoise internal damage?

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I just picked up a SP hull from a local that took an unattended trip down his lake in a storm. It's banged up a bit, but hopefully repairable. I'm wondering if it might have internal damage. Has anyone ever "split" a Super Porpoise? Was it worth it? How did the re-assembly process go? Did you take pictures? Any sources for the vinyl bumper strip that runs around the seam between deck and lower hull?

Just looking to learn...thanks.



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If nothing is banging around inside when you flip it over I would not worry about internal damage. Like
the Sunfish, don't completely remove the deck as it's unlikely you'll be able to get it back together again.
Best to install inspection ports if you have any doubts. I'm sure someone will give you the best location
for them. I've found if you put a 60w bulb in a Sunfish inspection port and turn off the lights all the flaws and
thin spots in the hull will become visible.


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If Super Porpoise construction is like the Porpoise II, the seam where the deck meets the hull is stapled together. :eek:
(But they're big staples). :) You may find that automotive "edge" vinyl (with embedded aluminum gripping points) will work. I'd start with J.C. Whitney, which is on-line—and out of bankruptcy—after all these years (and catalogs).

A similar "weight problem" is shared with Sunfish. I suspect the SP left the factory somewhat heavier than a Sunfish. Storm damage in yours would be a factor in whether your SP has a "weight problem". (Styrofoam block "glue" absorbing water).

When I bought my Porpoise II, it was represented by the seller as a "trainer Sunfish". Having the Sunfish logo on the sail, I accepted this "trainer" just as we Sunfish cognicenti would accept a Mini-Sunfish. After shelling out $125 and receiving a bill of sale, two of us found we couldn't lift it! :(

I cut out two inspection ports, and took an afternoon to remove handfuls of soaked sponge-like "glue" out from under the rear deck—and removed the foam blocks. :oops: The bow section seemed to be OK. Flotation was added as a safety measure.

As a new member back then, and owning a Porpoise II, I joined as "Porpoise 2". Then, using a special avatar that merged the Sunfish with a Porpoise ;).


Picture of interior, showing the yellow (water-absorbing) foam "glue".


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Here is the hull that had a rough ride down the former owner's of the hull attached...

Thanks for the link to the trim from TACO Marine, L&VW!