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Super Porpoise - “Boathouse Find” - need some help


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Hello, new to sailing and have a Super Porpoise that was sitting in a boathouse for at least 25 years. I believe everything is there including the sail. There are a few holes in the sail but likely repairable.

im looking for advice on restoration of it, however first id like to get it on the water.

1. where does the line attach to the rudder? There is no hook like I’ve seen on some models of the super porpoise.
2. can someone show whatto do exactly with the halyard?
3. last any recommendations at all about the restoration would be greatly appreciated. See the picture of the black spots etc....




Cactus Cowboy

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Black spots look like mold or some sort of corrosion... like drops of acid or caustic material splattered on the hull. Shouldn't be too hard to fix, the rail looks like it poses a greater problem and will require more attention. :confused:

Dunno if you like that red color, but if you do, you can probably brighten it up with some polishing compound. You could paint the rail and splashguard a different color, once you repair the rail... just a suggestion. :rolleyes:

Post some pics of the hull and transom, including closeup shots of the daggerboard trunk at its lower end, a common problem area with small craft like these. Might as well go round the rail and photograph any ugly areas. Throw in a closeup shot of the mast step so we can look at it, aye? ;)

Check your sail for mold too... or any other damage. Might as well include the rigging, won't hurt for folks here to look at it and give you honest opinions. There are ways to salvage or bring back some items of gear, which will save you money until you get around to upgrading in the future. Cheers!!! :cool: