Sunnie AMF -1985, hull, blades, spars perfect. New blade bag, WEST PFD inflatable...

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Sunnie & kayak FS. save $200 & dmv hassle
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AMF-1983 (not 1985) Hull, RAINBOW panel sail, tell tales, perfect mahogany blades, 2 halyards (Gust depowering rig), inflatable PFD by WEST MARINE, fancy red Blade Storage Bag (new, Blade bag holds rudder, tiller, d/board, sail, paddle), new hiking strap, newer style, stainless steel pop up rudder gear.

Gray colored hull, white cockpit, NEWER STYLE, storage locker hold, aft of cockpit will hold your Picnic Cooler. Teflon mast step to sail faster & safer!

Chain lock, paddle, gloves, righting Water Buddy BUCKET, possibly take over my storage rack & boat slip. Hull in V G condition with repair to coaming & self bailer. and 3 small sail rips are repaired.

*** Full complement ready to sail $1010 OBO.
jeffsail_nj732 /at//
443.603.7514 cell. ....... NO TEXTS please.

RSVP good sailor/ swimmer only for test sail. She sleeps in her rack awaiting you. Action Pix will be posted forthwith for your viewing enjoyment. A delight to sail and land on a beach!
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