As long as you enter from the windward side, you can pull yourself right into the cockpit in 2 seconds. I'm 190 lbs and I've never fallen backwards while entering. The most important issue with Sunfish is to have a bunji on the dagger board. If it falls completely out while turtled, you have to dive and search for the board and insert in the bottom to right it.


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To gain some confidence, purposely flip it in water not over your head. Then " practice" pulling yourself aboard without touching the "lake" bottom. Then when you take a drink unintentionally, you'll have the experience already tucked away.
Remember...windward side is your friend.


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Sailing is all about communication and teamwork. A lot of
videos show two people each doing their own thing when trying
to right a boat. It's also how they most likely got in the situation
in the first place. How many canoe's have you seen with two Indians
and no Chief. Teamwork -Teamwork -Teamwork makes the pointy
end go forward.