Sunfish Wanted NJ, NY, DE, MD, PA

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looking for a late model race ready sunfish in very good condition..... live in NJ but can drive reasonable distance to pick it up.. trailer not needed...

thank you!
I have a 2008 available in Rhode Island. Let me know if you are interested. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com.
I am very interested in your sunfish I sent you an email please get back to me ASAP. I really want my first boat and Rhode Island is close for me to pick up!!!! Please get back to me your boat sounds amazing!!!
If you are still looking for a race ready Sunfish, see my ad today here in the For Sale section of the Sunfish Forum. This is a 2002 Vanguard with full race rig. Will sell with or without a Trailex trailer. Delivery to NJ could be arranged for a reasonable fuel allowance.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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