Sunfish v Laser : One Design?

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As someone who has been away from sailing for, oh about 30 + years, I'm getting back into the sport with a new Sunfish. Over the last couple of seasons, I've been sailing Sunfish and Lasers at our small community sailing club. I decided on the Sunfish to share with my wife as she has shown an interest in learning to sail, but is a little spooked. The added stability of the Sunfish is a positive.

I hope to start racing later this year, but plan on approaching each event as more of an organized get together, enjoying the wind, water, and new friends. No doubt, the Laser is faster, has more options for sail trimming, but also is more expensive. I guess like most sports, More Performance = More money.

I've been following the "Laser, One Design" Thread. It appears the Sunfish has changed little over the years compaired to the Laser. Is the Sunfish a dying class, or is the Sunfish Class simply more reluctant to change?
The Sunfish has also changed over the years. A racing rigged Sunfish now has a gooseneck that is adjustable on the water, adjustable sail controls on both spars, a kind of vang that limits boom lifting, a new centerboard that is completely different than the old wooden one, a hiking strap, a ratchet block, and a universal tiller extension. Go here to learn more.

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Not to mention a completely new way of putting the deck on the boat and deck/hull joint, and an integrated splash guard, which all lead to a different deck shape.


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and a huge new sail introduced when North introduced its replacement for the Haarstick Laser sail and instantly claused every racer in Both Sunfish and Lasers to buy a new product.

The old Sunfish sail was not only an entirely different cut but it was smaller and much more easy to handle for smaller people...

The truth remains....teh new boat is way better and easier to mmaintain than the old one. Wood boards totally suck maintenance dollars and the new sauils are a lot stronger than the old ones.

The new boats hold together much better as the hull deck joint is actually bonded together.

The Sunfish is truly a "rental market" boat that also sometimes sells to racers.

The Laser is a true racer's baot that also sells to those who Walter Mitty and also occasionally sells to teaching camps.

The best comparison between the two boats is to not compare them.