Sunfish trim cost


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Has anyone ever found a cheaper source of trim rail for a Sunfish. The closest
I've seen is Square Channel trim at the big box stores. Not really good because
you pull yourself over the trim getting back in the boat. I'm not wild about garden
hose as a long term solution ether. Trim use to come in 10 foot sections and now
it's 5 foot for $25 with 7 sections required to complete a boat. The cost takes the
"free" out of the free boats I am given. Somewhere out there there must be trim
used for something else and sitting as scrap. Call me Mr. Tight-Pockets but I'd
rather use the money for new Sails or something.


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Your trim probably doesn't take any punishment. Trim is attached to a sturdy "work table", so why not spend a couple of hours with a file, wet-or-dry, and finish with Rustoleum spray, in silver?


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Oh it's been more than punished. The boat I'm working on has trim
missing, trim attached with huge rusty rivets, sections pieced together
in 12 in chunks, rivets that are not drilled all the way through the bottom
of the rail are rivets missing in action. Someone had removed the entire
trim off at one time and done what to the inside I don't know. The previous
owner bought the boat for $50 and gave it to me free. I think It's one of
those summer camp type boats. The previous boat they gave me had the
bow mashed to I only needed one piece of trim rail and the rest I polished
up as you suggested. I gets-em in reciprocating saw ready condition and fix-em up as
a project.
I will sell you a full set of used trim for $35 + shipping or you pick up. If I ship, I have to cut it into shorter sections to avoid oversized shipping cost. let me know if you are interested.

Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY