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Sunfish Trailers and Dollies

signal charlie

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Sunfish International Masters is in town, so we drove over to check it out. While the Fleet was out racing I wandered around the Yacht Club getting some ideas for trailers and dollies. Seitech was by far the favored dolly. On the other hand, no two trailers were alike.

My favorite was the 5x8 utility trailer, it could carry 5 boats. I have also seen one like that where they put on 2 2x4 padded cross beams and trailered a boat deck side down, plenty of room left for bikes, coolers, spars, canoe, kayak, small farm animals, etc...And then you have a trailer that can be used for other things, like hauling off the roof of the Sunfish Shack that you screwed up by putting shingles on a flat roof...not that I have done that...this year...

I also like the trailer combos where a dolly just rides on the top, boat strapped to dolly. I'm going to play with that idea a bit at home.

To see the whole fleet of trailers and dollies: http://smallboatrestoration.blogspot.com/2014/03/sunfish-trailer-and-dolly-extravaganza.html


Harold Knutzak

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Is it safe for me to assume that the empty Miller Lite can, in the trailer 5 boat picture, was left from the construction of the trailer and not the sailing event?

Harold Knutzak

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Nah, Waiting on the last stripe color to dry so I can untape and see what I got. Basically it's goofing on the `puter or watching paint dry. I gotta get another job or another SF to work on.