Sunfish Step Stopper - New from Right-ON Trailer Co.

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The Sunfish Step Stopper prevents water/ice and debris from accumulating
in the mast step. If you store your boat deck-up on a dolly or trailer this is
an easy and inexpensive way to keep the step clean and clear of water/ice.
Simply insert the stopper into your mast step and there is no room for the water!

Please see on our website: DSC02035.JPG
I just saw those the other day - what are the step stoppers made out of? do they have a gasket or seal or something?
pretty neat idea.
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Sunfish and Laser Step Stoppers are made of expanded close cell PE foam that is UV resistant. This is the same material that many of the spar holder blocks are cut. The Step Stopper is a tight fit with the mast step that fills the volume. They seal the water out and will not blow out on the highway.
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