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Sunfish side storage cart.


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Using stuff I had laying around I built the cart in the pictures. I can store the boat either deck or keel to the center.
It is like 37" wide and it slides in next to my 65 Mustang in the storage garage. That is the Harbor Freight trailer. Over the winter I plan on making a sunfish rack to carry 2 sunfish and an opti on the deck of the trailer. The problem is I have 3 sunfish.

I have removed using heat the fiberglass the previous owner had put on the hull. I was able to look closer at the wound. I think I will spend more time removing the previous repair then fixing the original damage. My current best guess is the damage on the side of the hull is not as bad as I was expecting. I need to sand the gel coat off to look closer. I will need to get off some blobs of resin up in the J area of the hull.

The sunfish glass seems dry on the interior surface. Like they do not do a very good job with the resin.

I am thinking I will make the hole on the deck a bit larger so I can put my hand down inside. Then sand some and put in 2 layers, woven and mat, on the back side and move to the outside. Once the hull is finished I will do the deck.

I am would like to know what they used to glue the hull to the desk. The white stuff breaks off in little chunks. It looks like they put a big line of the glue around the deck and then put the two together. I hope to be able to use 80 grit and hand sand the areas back to glass. I am debating between 5200 and thixo.

I have not been able to find out the advantage to putting strips of fiberglass down in the joint then a bead of epoxy. Seems to me a thick epoxy will fill the voids and get a good bond. I like to know the science on this.

I bought fiberglass supplies from a local (half hour away) business. The smallest resin they sell is a gallon. Pretty sure the 55 gallon drum was too big. Their prices are as good as online. Now I have supplies I need to learn. I am going to lay out some glass on some cardboard and finish it off with some gel coat and see how that works. I have a gallon of resin and waaaaaayyyyyy more glass then I need.

This weekend I will likely bring home the opti and the sunfish. I will leave the 170 in till the 31st when I have to get it out of the club.



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Y'know, that frame is made of "Mystery Metal". While it can be ground to shape, it's very hard to drill or saw, and won't take a weld. :(

That's the same metal I've used for my Sunfish truck-top frame. :oops:

(But it was "lying around"). ;)


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I can assure you that is all steel.
The long rusty bars were the 1x2 steel tubes I used to jig the model A body when I was building it. I cut the welds and stored them.

The other parts were some stuff I picked out of the trash a while ago. Even the wood was scraps. Some of the 2x4's on the base were from my neighbors trash. They were even precut close enough to length.


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Sorry :oops: the brown lengths looked like angle-iron. I see (now) where you cut the welds.

I do pretty much the same with scraps. Previously, I'd mentioned the dumpster with a hundred pieces of Trex™ lumber sticking out. Parts of a new sundeck, but the wrong color? :rolleyes:

Sometimes a single odd scrap will inspire me to build something around it.

Here, at a yard sale, I bought a nice and heavy stainless steel object—maybe $5? All the angles are TIG-welded, and are beautifully done. It's a piece of art!

Surely, there is something I can build this into...or onto?

Maybe a base for mooring whips?

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