Sunfish Scale Models


Have been (very slowly) redecorating our Northern Michigan cabin. Was thinking a scale sunfish model to match my actual boat would be a nice piece and would fit right in. Seems there are only a handful of options available online:

LK Wooden Models
Sunfish Model Kit
SD Models Half Hull

Doesn't seem to be anything that comes unpainted/designed for the DIYer. Thinking about repainting an LK model, but I really like the half-hull look of the SD model. Problem is, half hull is presumably pretty $$$. I'm thinking about making a CAD half hull model that I can 3D print, sand, fair, and paint, the mount to a nice backing piece. Most of the parts have files available online, just would have to modify and print. Anybody have models of their own on display?




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I bet it cost only a few dollars in the sixties. He has it listed where you can make an offer. It might be worth doing as it looks like his listing has expired at least once with no one having bought it. His shipping charge is high too, but maybe you’d get lucky and he’d take a low offer. 1960 Dumas Alcort Sunfish Sailboat 1:13 Model - KIT 1103 | eBay
The box is marked with a $2.75 price. Maybe bought at a yard sale (or a "tag" sale in Connecticut). ;)

Shipping charges are guesswork at this stage and, even though unassembled, I'd want excellent packaging. Poorly displayed, it looks like you'd be buying a cardboard box! :oops:


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Just 3D printed one from a .stl on thingiverse. I had the right colors for my 1976 Bicentennial, so I figured I’d try to 2-color print. Needs some sanding and finish work, but pretty happy with it.