Sunfish/Sailfish Rudders and Daggerboards for Sale

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Wood Sunfish and Sailfish Rudders and Daggerboards For Sale

**New Style Rudder. Fits 1972 and newer Sunfish with the stainless steel "U" bracket on the transom: New, handcrafted (by me) from African mahogany Double doweled for added strength and finished with four coats of Interlux premium marine varnish. Built to Sunfish class specs, but not class legal for racing in Class sanctioned events. Rudder head, side springs and spring post are class legal. No tiller. Complete assembly, blade and hardware: $195 + shipping. Wood blade only: $110 + shipping. See attached photo marked "C"

**Old Style Sunfish Rudder Assemblies (rudder blade, tiller and tiller extension and all hardware.) All class legal. Fit all pre-1972 Sunfish with the bronze and brass rudder attachment hardware on the deck and keel. All these units are vintage, class legal parts, sanded down to bare wood, refurbished and finished with 4 coats of Interlux premium marine varnish. All hardware is cleaned and burnished to better than new condition. They are ready to attach to your boat and go sailing.

#1 Rare "Solid head" model. Circa 1971. Rare. This is the last model the builder made before changing over to the new style design. The solid bronze rudder head virtually eliminates cracks in the blade, and the spade shape in very similar to the post-1972 design. $165 + shipping. Up grade your old rudder system using your existing hardware at a fraction of the cost of a complete retrofit to the new system.

#2, #3 and #4 Standard pre-1972 design. $155 + shipping
#5 Rare Sailfish (not Sunfish) rudder assembly. It probably came off a wood Sailfish but will fit the mounting hardware for any wood or fiberglass Sailfish. $140 + shipping

**A and B. Two desirable "Barrington" shape daggerboards. Will fit any fiberglass Sunfish. This is the last design before the class went to the plastic daggerboard and the best performing of the three wood designs. The side handles are WEST epoxied on for added strength. $85 each + shipping.

Interested? Questions? Contact me directly at: or 315 655-8296. Specify the unit (s) you are interested in and include your mailing address for shipping estimates. Additional, individual photos available via e-mail.
Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY (near Syracuse, NY)


I'd be interested in rudder #1. Can you estimate shipping cost to AZ? What's the best way to pay... paypal? (you can see, I'm new to this).
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