Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear for Sale

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Collection of Sunfish Sailboat Parts and Gear For Sale

[Refer to photos below]

**Bronze Goosenecks (to attach lower boom to mast) 3 available. - $38 + Shipping

**DePersia cast aluminum automatic cockpit bailers. Complete assemblies with stopper ball, gaskets and screw-in plug. 3 available. $55 + shipping.

**DePersia screw-in drain plug for aluminum automatic cockpit bailer. Lost yours, didn't you? $25 + shipping.

**Mainsheet cleat. Factory issue, rolling gear design. Mounts easily on deck between the cockpit lip and the after end of the daggerboard trunk. $40 + shipping.

**Bronze halyard cleat. Deck mount. Mounting screws included. 4 available. $10 each + shipping

**Rare Toggle Pin that attaches old style, pre-1972 rudder hardware to the deck hardware. These have sold on E-bay for $50 and up. 2 available, $40 each + shipping.

**AMF - Alcort builders plate (Ser. No: 80510) Needed in some states to register an old Sunfish without a serial number. $10 - free shipping.

**Bronze mainsheet clips to attach mainsheet to deck bridle. 3 available. $7 each + shipping.

**Bow handle. Some pitting but sound. $12 + shipping.

**Pre-1972 deck drain assembly with screw in plug and retaining chain. $12 + shipping

**Mainsheet shubbing hook. Screws to the cockpit lip to hold/snub the mainsheet. 3 available. $7 each + shipping.

**Collection of vintage bronze and brass rudder hardware for older Sunfish and Sailfish. (Refer to the photo and e-mail me for individual quotes.)

**Sunfish Masts. $55 each. Several available. Pick up only in Cazenovia, NY near Syracuse.

**Aluminum hull/deck/cockpit edge trim. Complete sets or pieces. $35 per set/less for pieces. No shipping for entire sets. Shipping can be arranged for smaller pieces

Interested? Questions? Contact me directly at: or 315 655-8296.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY



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The following items have sold, but I have duplicates of most items: DePersia cockpit bailer cap, deck drain assembly, and old style rudder toggle pin (on left - now has brass ball chain retainer chain).

Alan Glos
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The following additional items have sold: Deck halyard cleat (but I have another one), bow handle, AMF Alcort builder's plate with serial number.

Alan Glos
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Do you mean a Sunfish pre-1972, 7 1/2" long brass carriage bolt with brass wingnut and plastic tube retainer? Yes, I have one new one, still in the bag, $14 + shipping, probably $2 to $3
depending on where you live. If you want it, e-mail me at:, reference this Sunfish Forum post and include your name and shipping address.

Alan Glos
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Several other items have sold (carriage bolt, mainsheet cleat) but I still have most of these items or something close to them.

Alan Glos
I do have lots of aluminum edge trim for the Sunfish from full sets (off salvaged hulls) to smaller pieces as needed. They come in a polished mode (almost like chrome) to more of a matte finish. What do you need? I can ship smaller pieces easily but larger pieces are pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY (near Syracuse, NY) as shipping is oversized and generally prohibitive. Where are you located? Contact me at:

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
Also, I have most of the other parts show in the photo above - I "restocked" this summer salvaging several old Sunfish at a nearby sailing club.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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