Sunfish sailboats and trailer for sale in Orlando

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1981/trailer combo-$1,000
Age unknown-$200

The 1981 is complete, had the sail out the other day and was fine. Pulled it from Orlando to Sanford, Maine for 2 week vacation in summer of 2001 & 2002 with no problem.

The sail for the other sunfish is in the attic, can check today and follow up with condition.

I have seen plans on the internet to modify this trailer to handle two boats
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The sail for the 1981 is in great shape, the other sunfish sail is poor. Approx 5-6 holes that measure 3/4" to 2" in diameter. There is also an "L" shaped tear at the base of the sail, this looks to have occured when it was put in attic. I would think the 5-6 holes could be covered with sail tape, not sure about the "L" tear. I saw a new sail for $332 on internet.
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