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Sunfish Sailboat Parts New and Used

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I have many parts available for the Sunfish sailboat, both new and used. Here is some of what I have (if you don't see what you need listed, ask me):

Halyards and mainsheets - new
Sail rings - new and used
Rudder parts and complete assemblies - new and used, old and new styles
Daggerboards - wood and fiberglass
Sails - new and used
Ratchet blocks for mainsheet - new
Masts - new and used
Booms - new and used
Daggerboard dollies - used
Tiller straps - aluminum and stainless steel
Rudder cheeks - new and used, aluminum and plastic
Tillers - new, ash
Tiller extensions, new, ash
Rudder blades, new, mahogany
Deck covers
Trailex trailer
Race lines, sail ties, halyards, etc in dyneema/spectra
Bow handles
Mast and boom end caps - new
Tension springs for rudder - new
Spring for daggerboard - new

Can ship all but spars.

Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com.



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Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com. I have class legal new plastic rudder cheeks, aluminum (new), and non class legal rudder cheeks as well.
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