Sunfish sail pricing - whaaaaa????

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The Laser Performance website has Sunfish sails available for $250. Seems like a good deal for an "official" North sail. But racing sails are $535.50 !! What makes them worth 2x as much as a colored sail????? Is the sail window made of some exotic plastic?????? And when you are charging $535 for a sail, why add 50 cents to it to make it $535.50?? Crazy!
Looks like the availability of that sail is an issue as well... "currently unavailable". It's interesting that they are now selling the "practice sails", probably realizing they're losing a large amount of $ to 3rd party sail providers, but even at $250 for their version, that is double the price for a race-cut sail from Intensity Sails.

Just doesn't seem like the right path to growing the Sunfish Class.


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I have said it before, but will say it again:
LP is killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Unfortunately, this applies to both the Laser and the Sunfish class.