Sunfish sail on a mini?

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I was wondering if this would be adviseable?
I messed up my minifish sail (as posted in another thread) and as they are hard to find and expensive, I am thinking of using a less expensive sunfish cloth. I also bent the booms and must repair them so I could make them longer to match a sunfish diminsion while I am at it.
By going from a Minifish sail to a Sunfish sail you are adding about 10 square feet more sail area (65 sq. ft to 75 sq. ft.) It can and has been done but it it sort of like putting a Corvette engine in a VW bug.

At one point Neil Pryde Sailmakers would take one of their nice Sunfish aftermarket sails and cut it down to the Minifish specs. If so, that would be a good solution to your problem.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY