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Sunfish sail interchangeable with Viking?


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Hello, I have a Viking (Sunfish clone) from the early 1970s, in need of a new sail. Will an aftermarket Sunfish sail work on a Viking? If so, what modifications are required, if any? If not, are there sources for a Viking replacement sail?


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Rudder and daggerboard are easily identifiable as different; otherwise, the hulls are indistinguishable.

There is a flat metal collar around the mast step, which Sunfish don't have.


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The Viking's deck drain plug is rubber--set in nylon--and located on the port side. The mast-step collar is stainless steel, made by Schaeffer (+), and about five inches across. The halyard block is a very rugged Wilcox-Crittenden. The solid aluminum cleat is marked "Marinium".

The gudgeon is a very different design.

The splash guard is attached by slotted screws. The bridle has its eye-straps somewhat angled and more narrowly spaced.

:) All nice quality improvements except for the aluminum trim, which is much less robust.