Sunfish sail from China

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I recently bought a new Sunfish sail on E-Bay. It was desccribed as a "one of a kind factory issued Sunfish sail with an official Sunfish seal on it". When I received it - it has a "made in China" tag on it. Does anyone know if this is indeed a "factory issued Sunfish Sail..?
Those are not official class sails. They do not have the normal rectangular class-approved sticker. It is a scam, though a cheap sail.


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Just to expand a little on what Andy wrote, there are many (!) Sunfish sails that are not class-legal. In fact, we have had multiple threads on this forum regarding those sails. If you just want to sail your Sunfish, all of these sails will 'work', and they are typically (way) less expensive than the class-legal North sails. Having a class-legal sail is only relevant if you want to participate in Regional and National regattas organized under the auspices of the Int. Sunfish Class Association (ISCA). Some clubs with active Sunfish fleets may have a rule regarding the kind of sail that can be used in their races, but most fleets don't consider this an issue, as far as I know.