sunfish sail dimensions

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anyone out there know the actual dimensions in inches of a new sunfish racing sail (luff, leech, foot)?

is this some kind of trade secret?

I have a two year old racing sail from North and stretched to its max and loose at the head it runs 3 1/2 inches short of the clew end of the lower spar. Can someone tell me what's going on here?

many thanks
It's not the exterior dimensions it's the extra material called the draft of the sil that's important. It's what allows the sail to form a more aerodynamic shape and give the sail more lift than the flatter recreational sail.
If you find a way to actually measure the total material area of the recreational and racing sail you find although a rec sail can "look" larger dimensionally it comes in around the 75 square foot listed in all the specs, but the racing sail measures out to apx 82 square feet.

If I remember correctly, the two sides with grommets measure 160" and the leach measured 170". Both my old (1968) Ratsy-Lapthorn recreational and my newer (2005) North Race sail have the same measurements along the sides. But what Mike posted has more bearing on the efficency of the sail.