Sunfish Rudder Upgrade Kit - complete and ready to install

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For sale is a complete kit to allow you to upgrade your old style (pre-1972) Sunfish rudder system to the new style (post-1972) system. Included are:

-A completely reconditoned and refinished rudder and tiller off a late 1970s boat. The hardware is all cleaned up and polished, the wood rudder blade was taken down to bare wood and refinished with four coats of interlux varnish, and the tiller handle was taken down to bare wood and painted black for a modern look. Also included is a black aluminum tiller extension (Laser style) with a new Ronstan brand rubber universal attachment fitting.
-A stainless steel, "U" shaped rudder gudgeon fitting, threaded internal back-up plate and matching stainless steel attachment screws with lock washers.
-A new white Sea Dog 4" inspection port (still in the box) and matching pop rivets.
-A short piece of aluminum edge trim to fill the gap when you remove the old bronze deck hardware.

A new kit from Annapolis Performance Sailing sells for $$455 + tax, shipping and handling. I am asking $310 + shipping.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


Alan Glos

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Thanks for the note. E-mail me your full name and mailing address with zip (see e-mail address below) and I can get you an exact shipping cost. UPS Ground is probably the best value.

Alan Glos