Sunfish rig with minifish hull

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I have a minifish hull with no rig. I thought of buying a used sunfish rig for it but I'm concerned that because the minifish is shorter than the sunfish the center of effort of the sail will be too far aft of the daggerboard and the boat will tend to turn into the wind all the time. Has anybody tried this?
hey dry cleaning guy.
I am fifteen years old, and have been sailing my minifish since I was ten, using a normal sunfish rig. I have never had any problens with weather, or for that matter, leeward helm. The boat was pretty well balanced. A few years ago, at 80 pounds, I had trouble holding the boat down In a blow, But am proud to say that I never unintentionally capsized my boat. I am heavier now (110 lbs) and enjoyed outrunning normal Sunfish until recently, when my boat was unfortunately stolen. I plan on buying an old, beat up sunfish hull (all I can afford), fixing it up, and making a smaller, laser type rig for it (a super sunfish). I am wondering if this may cause the opposite of the tendency of weather helm which you describe (leeward helm). I think a marconi rig is going to move some of the sail area forward, as opposed to the squater, lateen sunfish rig.