Sunfish Racing History Group

Also, feel free to post your post racing stories and nostalgia here as well!
Why split off yet another group?
There's this forum for 'historians' and the US Sunfish group on Facebook; Log into Facebook

PS: We could add a sticky for a Sunfish Racing History thread on this Forum so it would stay 'on top' of the Sunish Talk section
I agree with @Wavedancer .... What do y'all think of starting a Sunfish History thread here? We can sticky or Pin it to the top so its easy to find. This makes the posts accessible to everyone, and doesn't end up with the history tied up in a social media company that can decide to shutdown or change groups at a moments notice. has been around the WWW since before facebook and plan to be here after as well. :)
The new thread is now online for sharing historical Sunfish pictures. You can access it with this special URL:


Looking forward to seeing some great pics!