Sunfish PVC dolly with a handle

My 13 year old son made that last week. Took him about 2 hours to complete. I cut all the parts on the chop saw. I showed him how to read your plans and use the the PVC primer and glue. He did the rest. Our handle is made for 1 1/2" pipe. I was unable to find the the reducer Tee you use. Also had to use a 5/8" rod for the axle as my tire are from Harbor Freight and have 5/8" center. I think the had ones that are larger but these will work. That you for plans and all the work you put in tot them.


My wife found your plans, thanks so much. Saved us a some cash and was a nice addition to our sunfish restoration. Just a tip to any who may not have used pvc primer and glue before.... that stuff sets up fast.

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Tag is King o' the PVC Dollies, nobody builds 'em better, LOL. That PVC glue will give ya a nasty headache too if it's used in an enclosed space or area which is not well-ventilated... I think some crackerheads huff it to get high, same way some crackerheads huff paint, Lord only knows what their addled brains look like. :confused:
Interesting dollies you guys are making. I was searching around for info on small homebuilt wooden dollies and found this guy on Youtube putting his boat on a homemade dolly. Link below. No info on the dolly but it looks like something I may like to make. Using wood is my personal preference, no knocks on the pvc options.

His cradle with the rollers looks like a custom job too. That is cool and is something I may like to build for the bed of my truck-(think I mentioned that in a previous post)
Hi Signal, I didn't keep close track but I think I came in under $150. The wheels were $25 each so they were the brunt of the cost. I am going up to a lake about an hour and a half north of here to sail today and maybe camp a night or two so I'll see how this the dolly works really soon. How's Smedley; I wiki-ed Smedley Butler, very interesting guy!
Tag, does the handle stay with the dolly, or does it come apart? Would it need to? In my mind, it seems like it would need to come apart for hauling to and from the lake in my case. I'm just trying to learn here.

My thinking was, instead of using 1 1/2"x1 1/4" reducing tees, go ahead and use 1 1/4" tees and put a pair of unions on the handle so it would come apart. In my case, I'd probably put them out far enough that disassembled it would fit inside the bed of my truck with the tailgate up and the bedcover on.

I still haven't figured out how I'm going to haul the boat on my trailer, if it'll be a one boat trailer, or boat and kayak trailer. If it'll sit upright, upside down, or on its side so I can pop the deck drain on the way home or leave it stored that way. Seeing the video above, makes me think of putting the hull on your dolly backwards, so I park it behind the trailer, put the hull on, then when I get to the water, the handle end is shoreside. Am I overthinking all of this? (I tend to do that)
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Mine doesn't come apart, but I like your idea. Maybe you can find a way to run a bolt/pin through the union piece to allow for easy removal of the handle?