Sunfish pointing ability

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i was wondering if you people knew what the sunfish's pointing ability is. My sunfish is a 78 with original sails, and it seems that it can't point very well, this could be caused by worn out, stretched sails. In terms of degrees, how far off from the wind can you point with your sunfish?
The sail being blown out will cause the boat to not point as well, but the gooseneck position and sail height also have a great effect on pointing ability. The lower the sail rides and the farther forward the gooseneck rides for any windspeed the closer to the wind you can point.
The standard good sail recreational boat with wooden dagger board is limited to about 45 degrees off the wind no wither tack depending on how you set the sail.
I've had my racing saile with plastic fantastic pinching at 30 degrees. It will lose some speed but depending on the wind conditions the shorter course can make up for the lose.
Again, the Sunfish bible is worth it's weight in gold for any serious day sailer or racer.


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I just saw a good relpy to this in another group. The theory is said to be 40 to 45 degrees for any boat.

This simulator is fun to play with >

My experience is the highest I can sail is helped by smooth water in moderate winds. If I over trim I can't point very well. Having the sail adjusted for the wind by using an adjustable gooseneck makes a difference too.