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I am clueless about sunfish, so be sure and reply with your best sunfish parts for dumbies answer. I am at Cape for summer, but live in Arlington. I bought a used sunfish for my kids to sail on the pond here at the Cape. It needs a bit of repair, but I am willing to do what it takes. It does not have the rudder and handle ( I think that is called the tiller) I got the sunfish for a real bargin. I would not have gotten if if I knew the parts I needed were more that I paid for the boat. After researching it on the web \i think they are between $100and $300. I was caught by your ad because it said liquidation and I'm hoping it is a bargin. My kids took sailing class and are in love with sailing. I have a padde tied to the back of the thing now and am grateful I have an old kayak to tow them back with! Can you please let me know the price for what I need? It needs to be more than just the wood, I need the assembly with hardware. Not sure if it is old or new style?

Thank you -mom of three sailor boys.
Hi Surferboy: Looking for Sunfish lower boom with decent padeyes and rivets, willing to consider a set of spars as necessary. Any chance you have such? Boston local so can pick up at your convenience.

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The daggerboard and rudder I haved are mahogany and they will obvioulsy fit,but do you want the composite one that came with boat in 1996
Sails -Used $40-$90
New Aftermarket sail $150.00
Class legal demo sail $225.00
Class legal racing sail yellow and blue-------$375.00. new
Class legal racing sail White new
What's your price on the last item (class legal racing sail white)?
We broke our sunfish mast and need a replacement. We have all the fittings. Please let me know what you have available and the cost to ship to Yorktown, VA


I see that you have had your post for some time. Do you still have parts available?
I have a pre72 that needs a new rudder, tiller, and bow handle. I also have a post 72 hull only that needs daggerboard, rudder, tiller spar & mast set up.
If you have any of these items, what are the costs + shipping to Orlando, Fl?
Good selection of used sunfish parts--------Sails, rudders, tillers , daggerboards, masts, spars and much more. Even have the pre-1972 hardware
Great prices- just tryng to liquidate stock accumulated over 25 years
HI Surfer boy,
I am hoping to buy the following for my mid 70's sunfish:

tiller (mine is broken off below the hinge)
tiller extension
inspection port lid
halyard cleat

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