Sunfish Parts

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Some options, perhaps this has already been posted somewhere.

Sunfish no longer is making wooden rudder blades or tiller handles. Blades are now all FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), and are quite pricey ($220+). There is a boatshop in Westport, CT that will make a mahogany blade for you for $72 ( a very good price).


There is another guy in Scranton, PA that will make the handle, along with blades and centerboards. I have no idea how about his credibility etc..


Good luck!
I've recently purchased an old fish (1969). Remarkably good shape for its age. The boat came with a brass screw-in plug for the bailer, but nothing that can be easily removed while underway. Two questions:

1) does anyone have an old-style bailer plug that will allow me drain while underway (or suggest where to find)
2) am I better off perhaps replacing with new bailer
Good selection of used sunfish parts--------Sails, rudders, tillers , daggerboards, masts, spars and much more. Even have the pre-1972 hardware
Great prices- just tryng to liquidate stock accumulated over 25 years
Hay Bro, could you shoot me a quote (if you have one) for the mast for a sunfish. It's for my phantom boat but I'm told the sunfish is the same mast. Thanks man, please email me at
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