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Sunfish Parts - Old & New Rudders / Ratchet Blocks

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Brand New "never used" wood rudder blade on a plastic head and complete wood tiller.
These are all Vanguard parts with class stickers.
Ronstan Battlestick 40" long Extension - this has been used but in very good condition.
Everything included - all nuts, bolts, extension saddle .... everything
Over $400 list - offered @ $250 + actual UPS shipping charges.

Holt Allen Auto-Ratchet Blocks N.O.S. $25

I have several refinished OLD STYLE rudders, tillers and bronze hardware.
Also have the bronze that attaches to the hull.
Contact me with what you need and we can agree on a package price.

C.P. Burks
dinghyone at att dot net
eight one seven - two six six - seven eight one six


The New Style Rudder items have SOLD.
I still have "Old Style" Rudders and hardware and some Auto-Ratchet Blocks.


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I'm just starting a rebuild of my pre 72 sunfish i picked up a couple years ago, i would like it to stay old school. Just curious if you have the old style rudder still? how much and will you ship to Canada? I might be interested in one or two of the auto ratchet blocks.

thanks for your time,


YES - I have:
1 refinished "improved" old style rudder complete with hardware. $125
2 refinished old style rudders complete with hardware. $100 each
(have Sunfish or Sailfish hardware)
2 sets of old style hull hardware $50 each
1 refinished old style tiller with wood extension and straps $40
1 old style metal bailer with new float ball $30
3 Holt Allen Auto Ratchet Blocks Model HA4621*1 10 mm max rope size $25 each

+ actual UPS shipping charges.

You can send me a check or pay through PayPal with your credit card.

Please contact me at dinghyone at att dot net for further information.


YES- I still hve the posted items.
Contact me at the email address I have listed and we can complete the transaction.

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