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You might Google AquaFinn by American Sail they have a molded splash guard like that. They however have metal blades for rudders and possibly the Sunfish sail fits....but the AquaFinn has sleeves vs rings used on the Sunfish spars.
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Thanks for that suggestion and that was interesting - seeing an almost complete copy of the sunfish! - Makes you wonder why they even try!
I've had a good look at their cockpits over the years, but can't find anything like the one on my pictures; where they use the protruding reinforcement block inclusive of what looks like a tray of sorts.


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I'm amazed at all the unidentified Sunfish clones out there. :eek: Try measuring the exact length, and go to this site:
Board Boat ShortyPen Sailboat Guide

Porpoise (EDO Western) made strengthening sections molded into the forward deck—plus a molded splashguard, but none like this one is known to me. :confused: The "different" halyard cleat design looks like it could be a source of "spider cracks". Since the mast is free to rotate, the pull upwards is multiplied, and could fail under certain conditions. Standard Sunfish cleats are mounted "in shear", so that stress is spread across the deck.

Depending if you're going to race it or not, the trailer, daggerboard and sail are a good start as to relative value. $1000? Check the build-date on those tires! :oops:

Is there a hull ID number ("HIN") on the upper-right corner of the transom?

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