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Sunfish mast and boom wanted


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. . . looking for a new mast and boom for my sunfish project. I will probably pick it/them up, hopefully in ga/fla/sc. looks like I have to enter a price, estimating $200 each.


Alan Glos

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When you say "new", do you mean "new, never used" or used, new to you? I have several used Sunfish mast/boom sets for sale. I live in Upstate NY but will be driving up I-95 in mid-February and could deliver them to you. Let me know if you are interested. E-mail me at: aglos@colgate.edu either way.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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hi alan,
. . . thanks very much for the offer.
. . . no, I did not mean brand new, just serviceable. and to me that is straight and not with excess corrosion. I think this is an amf boat we noticed for sale on the side of the highway and rescued. it has some repairs, including the boom that had been broken, with some other repairs on the boom that I simply can not sail with, as shown in the pic.
. . . the dimensions on the mast are 10 ft, 2.25 inches diam. the gaff and boom, as I mentioned in my email. appear to be the same dimensions, at 13 ft 7.75 inches, 1.5 inches diam. I would buy a mast, gaff, and boom. if any of the standard lengths are longer, that's fine with me.
. . . I will be emailing again for the particulars. thanks again for the offer. we live less than a mile from exit 36 on i95.