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Sunfish Mainsheet Block Installation


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Hi all,

I see that there've been a lot of threads on various mainsheet upgrades, with a ratchet block sitting on a stand-up spring seemingly the best option. But what I can't find a conclusive answer to is whether it's enough to simply drill the eye strap directly into the deck with machine screws, or whether you have to have some kind of backing, either washers or a backplate or both.

I'm sure backing is preferable, but it would require drilling an inspection port which I'd really rather avoid. Some people seem to have installed the eye strap over the lip that extends out over the cockpit, which would hypothetically let you put the backing directly beneath. But it seems to me there isn't enough room between the lip and the side of the cockpit to fit the backing and get the strap properly seated.

Any insights from experience sunfish sailors/tinkerers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!


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You need to drill inside the cockpit overhang not into the hull. There is plenty of room at the front lip. You can then put on washers and nuts or a backing plate. If you want deck cleats they are also done in the cockpit overhang.