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Sunfish / Laser / Thistle Sailing with torn ACL?


Hey guys,
I know that this is definitely not the best place to ask for advice for this topic. But I just wanted to see if anyone has had similar experiences with dinghy sailing after an ACL reconstruction. I’m supposed to be having surgery on April 3rd, and I am trying to see if I’m going to be able to sail this summer or not. I could always put it off until the end of the summer... also for reference I’m 24. I’ve only been sailing for a year so I’m very eager to get back to it.
I would appreciate any experiences anyone would have had.


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This would be cutting it close time wise and depends more on the skill of your surgeon, as they usually graft cadaver tendons to you knee.
Anyways I would wear a brace with a strong hinge.


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Here's a good read.

I had knee surgery years ago. Not as intrusive as ACL reconstruction, but this article is spot on. Hiking pants became a must.
If you like running outdoors, be prepared to spend good money of top of the line shoes.


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I had ACL surgery about ten years ago. I had just bought my first brand new motorcycle and got a few rides in before the surgery. It took about six weeks to recover and feel comfortable on my feet again. However, I was not able to fully bend my knee for quite a while after that. This would be a problem for me now when sailing as being agile is important, of course. You're younger though, so you may recover more quickly.