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Sunfish Identification

signal charlie

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Your tube is in the hands of the USPS. It is a harder plastic, not flexible.

For those interested the dimensions are Length 5 1/4 inches, Outer Diameter 1/2 inch, Inner Diameter just a smidgeon over 1/4 inch to allow the 1/4 inch bolt to slide through without resistance.


signal charlie

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Would you mind if I shared the photo of the Ratsey and Lapthorn Sailmakers' tag on our facebook page with proper citation?


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Where do I find the correct ball for one?
I'm not sure it's possible. :(
We worked on this solution earlier—here:
Restoring Metal DePersia Bailer with Plastic Bailer Parts
and here:
Replacement Bailer Balls

Basically, sand the faces of a new and pliant garden hose seal so it's a slip-fit into the De Persia. Sand the outer edges so it doesn't wrinkle when installed. That worked for me, but I already had a De Persia ball that fit. (There are two versions of the De Persia).

The plastic Sunfish ball can be made to work (they're available as a 5-ball kit) but the kit I'd bought produced a ball that was too small. :confused: I fixed that at the hardware store, and glued two "unrelated" rubbery washers together. At the time, I was still sailing, and had plugged the bailer hole entirely with a $5 "1¼-inch expansion plug" from NAPA. (Which remains the solution for me :rolleyes: ).

Removal of the (still valuable) De Persia bailer:
Basic Repairs