Sunfish Hull Wanted

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My sunfish was crushed by a fallen tree.:( I have all the rigging but am in need of a hull in decent shape.
Please contact me if your able to help get me sailing again.:)
I'm located in the Philadelphia PA Area
Paul 215-526-4330


signal charlie

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Hi Paul
That sucks, I thought trees were our friends? I am sorry for tour loss.

but to get tou sailing again...First, check Craigslist for a hull. 2nd, save the hardware and trim off that boat, maybe we can make rehab another boat.

Good luck!

Alan Glos

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There is something about Sunfish and evil trees - sort of like Charlie Brown and his kite eating trees. Here is a photo of my neighbor's (late) 'fish after a late fall windstorm felled a rotted tree.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Seems like sunfish owners have to find better places to store their hull.
If I can get a hold of another hull will keep it stored in my garage.
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