Sunfish Hardware Trivia Contest

Alan Glos

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Here is a little mid-winter Sunfish trivia contest. The part shown in the attached photo is a genuine Sunfish fitting. It is cast bronze. What is it? The first correct answer gets bragging rights - sorry no prize.

Alan Glos
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Well since I've torn apart a lot of glass boats and don't recogize it, My choice is a corner brack from a wooden sunfish. Corner because of the angle and the top p;ate only seems to fit in a corner. It might also be a internal bow plate but the photo looks more like a right angle than the shape a bow fitting would be.

As for the second part I'm going with a ruler or yard stick.Tape measures usually have a moveable tpi for measuring inside or outside dimensions.
mike - that's a good guess. I didn't think about going back as far as the woodies. I couldn't think of a place I'd find that part on any of my fiberglass Sunfish.

Alan Glos

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Meech wins! It is indeed the bronze fitting that joins the two wood coaming pieces on a pre-fiberglass, wood Sunfish deck. The single hole is for attaching the fitting to the deck; the coaming pieces are attached (at the proper angle) with the other four holes. Way to go Meech! You win!

Alan Glos
Woo hoo! Thanks for sponsoring the contest Alan! I of course have to thank other posters in steering us in the correct direction regarding wooden boats, especially since my fishes are all fiberglass (well other than some rudders and daggerboards). Anway, please send a prize of wetsuit or drysuit to Bloomington,IN.

When's the next contest?