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1971?? I think blue deck sunfish for sale. I have a title for it. Asking 400 obo(need to sell)
weighs just under 140lbs and holds no moisture inside.
Bought the boat halfway through summer and am selling it to get a bigger boat.
I took it out about 7 times toward the end of summer and had a blast.
After sailing I always checked the inspection ports and there has never been a drop of water inside.
Mast and mast step is solid. The tiller works great and the daggerboard is in fine condition. It has a swivel block to control the mainsheet and all the lines are in good condition.
When i got the boat there were two small spots i patched with fiberglass matt and resin. No structural damage the fiberglass was just rubbed down.

The sail says its class approved and is in great condition with no holes.
the boat is in Saint Louis, MO and if you want to look at it your more than welcome
For more info call 636-236-5847

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