Sunfish for Sale - Old Greenwich, CT

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Sunfish with blue & white sail. The mainsheet is brand new, and the daggerboard, spars, tiller and rudder are in very good condition. The year of the boat is unknown. Sunfish are great sailboats for beginners and kids.

(Note: The set of wheels shown in the photo of the hull is not being included). photo 2.JPG


look for numbers on transom, it must have a serial number, there is the manufacturer in it too. THis looks like a mini!
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Based on the photos and the old style rudder, this is a pre-1972 Sunfish. It will not have a hull I.D. number but it should have a
small builder's plate on the deck just aft of the "V" of the coaming and this plate will have a serial number engraved on it. Go to the FAQ here on the Forum and you can get the date of the hull from the serial number chart. I am guessing about 1969 + or - a few years.

Alan Glos
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