Expired Sunfish, Extraordinary Condition

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Rich M

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Mahwah, New Jersey.

1991 Sunfish Sailboat. Absolutely extraordinary condition. This boat is a unicorn. Unless you're a buying a $7700 new Sunfish (read on) it's unlikely you'll will find a used Sunfish in as near-new condition as my boat. Be sure to zoom in on these photos.

Sailed about 20 times over just two summers since new. Always stored indoors for the off-season. During sailing season always covered while on the dock. Never in salt water, never transported to regattas. I'm the second owner but the original owner was my friend and neighbor and I've been there for the boat's entire history.

Current design with rounded deck edge. Much more comfortable and leak resistant than the older aluminum edge design.

With like-new class-approved race sail; hiking strap; Harken swivel cleat with Harken ratchet block; outhaul cleat on boom; universal joint on tiller extension; and mast-down deck cover (deck cover also fits very nicely as a hull cover for upside down storage).

Racing sail feels like new and was only used about 10 times. It still has traces of the creases from when it was originally packed at the factory.

I checked pricing at Sunfish Direct via phone call with a live human in Michigan. Including estimated $800-1100 shipping cost to New Jersey, a similarly equipped new Sunfish would cost approx $7700 (incl shipping, wood rudder, wood daggerboard, deck cover, race sail, and Harken swivel cleat and ratchet block). If you're considering a new Sunfish, look at this boat and you will not be disappointed.

Hull Identification Number: PSB26158EI91

Yes, $3100 is a high price for a 1991 Sunfish especially one without a trailer or other goodies. And yes, I am serious about that price. And yes, Sunfish from the Pearson years have a reputation for inconsistent build quality.

Based on physical appearance, my boat is more comparable to a new boat than a typical used boat. And clearly my boat got made on a particularly good day at the Pearson factory. The original gel coat finish is truly outstanding. The boat must be seen to be believed.

If you are looking for a good used $2000 Sunfish, there are plenty out there but I seriously doubt they are in the condition this one is in.

Note: No trailer, no dolly. Just the boat and accessories as described and pictured. Also note that I have no paperwork on the boat but I'm happy to sign a bill of sale or any documents the buyer requires.

The boat and I are in Mahwah, NJ.


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