Sunfish DePersia Aluminum/Brass Automatic Cockpit Bailer

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DePersia Sunfish Factory Issue Aluminum/Brass Automatic Cockpit Bailer with Screw in Cap

Tired of cracking your plastic cockpit bailer on your seawall or beach? Offered is a used but complete DePersia
Sunfish cockpit bailer assembly. Good threads inside and out, minor pitting but completely sound. Easy to install - 10 minutes tops. $75 + $7 USPS Flat Rate, ship anywhere shipping. Keep in mind that the rare screw-in caps alone sell from $50 to $85 each.

E-mail me for photos - the Sunfish Forum server doesn't seem to want to take photos right now.

Interested? Questions? E-mail me at:

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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