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Sunfish Deck Cover

Sarah Follett

New Member
Hello all,

I have recently become the proud owner of a 1984 Sunfish that has been kept in immaculate condition, always stored inside, etc... I plan to keep the boat in a garage where unfortunately it will not be totally immune to the threat of an occasional mouse, chipmunk or spider. I am thinking a nice deck cover will do the trick but am not sure of the best kind or how much I should plan to spend. Can anyone provide some tips?


Kevin Mc

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I've used a polyester one from SLO Sails for two years ($99). My boat's kept outside and the cover shows no signs of deterioration thus far. Inside a garage my cover would last forever, but so would a cheap plastic tarp from Home Depot.

Sarah Follett

New Member
Hey Kevin, Thanks for the prompt reply. I think you're right that I don't necessarily need something too substantial since I am storing the boat inside but I do want one that fits snuggly to keep the vermin out, they're quite tenacious. Also since I will be car-topping the boat when I need to transport it a long distance, I also want something that offers some more protection just in case.


SLO Sails sells the (3) versions or quality levels of the deck covers - if you're going to be driving with the cover on, you might want the "top gun" version... it is supposed to be "trailerable", so I would think will withstand the winds, etc. while driving.

FWIW, I don't think a cover will really deter a mouse, chipmunk, or spiders honestly. in fact, it might just give them a better spot to hide that you won't notice. I think as long as you have any inspection ports closed, or covered with screens - you should be just fine. I keep mine in my garage all summer long with no cover, and don't have any trouble. my biggest problem is keeping my 3-yr old son from climbing all over it!



I have the SLO cover too. It's great. When I had a garage, I stored mine inside on its side for years with no problems. I'm pretty sure that if the boat's on its side the vermin can't get a grip on the gelcoat to climb into the cockpit.


I agree with tag. Without the cover, there's nowhere for critters to hide. With a cover- well you're giving them their own little private resort in your garage.