Sunfish Daggerboards

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I have 7 mahogany daggerboards available for sale. All are refinished and come with the brass spring and a retaining line (new). The race style is new and will include a stopper (not installed yet). Shipping is extra. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com for availablility.

Dagerboard A: Barrington style refinished, has a layer of fiberglass cloth $150
Daggerboard B: Refinished shadow style board $100
Daggerboard C: Refinished shadow style board $100
Daggerboard D: Refinished original round bottom style $75
Daggerboard E: Refinished shadow style board, very clean, $125
Daggerboard F: Original Super Sunfish daggerboard, $150
Daggerboard G: New race style board, come with stopper not installed yet, $225


Hi, Sent you a email to your Yahoo address about old style sunfish rudder parts. Please let me know is you still have any of these parts and are still selling them. Thanks.


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I just sent you an email about parts you had listed from last year. I am in need of old style rudder bracket assembly (full) I have rudder and daggerboard already just no hardware
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