Sunfish Daggerboard in a Phantom

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Just picked up a 1980 Phantom missing its daggerboard. Will a Sunfish daggerboard work on the Phantom? If not, does anyone have a Phantom daggerboard they would be willing to part with?

Louis Herndon
Hi Louis,

I have replaced my Phantom's dagger board with one from a SunFish, without any problems. (Assuming you do not need to be 100% original.) Used SF dagger boards go anywhere from $75 to $100. Good Luck.

I have a Phantom. I do not know if my dagger board is an actual Phantom dagger board, but it measures 41 inches on one side and 42 3/4 inches on the other side. This info may help you determine how comparable the Sunfish daggerboard is to the Phantom dagger board.

Also, I found a web site that advertises the sale of a Phantom handbook and hand made Phantom dagger boards. I have tried multiple times to contact them to get a handbook but have never gotten a response from them. This link is probably useless, but you can try. Maybe you would get a respone with interest in a dagger board.

If anyone has access to an actual Phantom handbook I would be interested in some info.
Many other people have complained about that web site....I guess this is one of the major problems with the never really know how recent the posted information really is.